Portfolio Perfection

A two-part guide for Creativepool to walk you through preparing a portfolio for a new job, and keeping the new chapters of your illustrious career coming.

This portfolio builds itself

We love Vimeo, and so does the Fabrik community. In fact, almost all of our filmmakers have Vimeo content in their portfolios. That's a lot of film!

Fabrik goes live

This journey began fifteen months ago, and the first chapter is now complete. It took a while, but this is roughly what happened.

Hello World

This blog post is just an example so feel free to delete it any time you like.

Behind The Sun

Summer accessories 2014 story for Australian publication Fashion Journal.

Most Astonishing

A fashion story that explores suggestion in colour. The mind subconsciously invents colour information from monochrome photography.

Fractured Series Prints

Four Fractured series prints are now available on my print shop. All limited edition runs are beautifully-presented archival quality digital c-type prints.

Mixed Medley

Editorial layout with Drew Wheeler for Hope St Magazine fashion story Mixed Medley.

Magnasoma Archive

The last update as part of the new site launch; a Tumblr archive of historical Magnasoma pieces collected from various places in the internet and my own archives.