"We don’t want it to look like a financial services website, and… iPad!" And with these words our brief began. City-based firm Advies are award-winning Independent Financial Advisors who asked us to help them explain themselves.

The company specialise in investment planning and protection for both private and corporate clients and wanted to produce a more tangible method of explaining their process and methodology to prospective clients. This task traditionally happens with a face-to-face chat, a little pointing to pieces of paper and frantic sketching. Using the iPad in introducer meetings as a simple tool to explain the company and illustrate the investment process then seems like the perfect solution.

Profission produced a series of methodology journeys for the firm, each focused towards either private, individual clients or corporate practices and firms, tailoring the message to each accordingly. Around this methodology came a natural site update; a less static, more engaging web presence designed to streamline their brand message. In this case less is very definitely more, and we hope we’ve managed to help them stand out a little from their competition.